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A quick shout out to UK travel bloggers

Help!!!! Can anyone recommend a great basic budget but lush hotel stay in the Yorkshire region?

Hi guys, just a quick request for anyone who's been touring the UK hotel scene...
Me and the missus are planning a quick budget hotel stay in the next month or two to belated celebrate our wedding anniversary - yeah we need 'us' time 'off from the kids'!

So we're looking for somewhere in the Yorkshire area of Britain, anything that can tick the hotel stay checklist here would be absolutely perfect!

Budget: £45-75 a night
Hotel Room Facilities: What we need in the room ~
  • Comfy kingsize bed
  • Big Bath
  • Think Walls
  • Not bothered about a view!

Our Requirements for Hotel Facilities:
(In order of importance)

  • Chacuzzi
  • Turkish Bath / Sauna
  • A place to get a bit of pampering treatment like massage / pedicure etc at an extra cost of course
  • A swimming pool would be a plus
Does anybody know of any classy stay aways nearby?

Please leave me a comment if you have any recommended suggestions! I may post about them too!

[Guest Post] Summer Vacations at the Pridwin

Guest post contributed by Kevin Caldwell, a traveler who enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He also built to help travelers find affordable hotels near the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. 

Reading a novel set in a European 1920s summer takes you to wonderful places. You can practically see the lovely water, taste the exquisite cuisine and feel the bubbly champagne rolling down your throat. Unfortunately, traveling to Europe is quite expensive, especially during the more popular travel months of the year. However, you can remedy this problem by visiting the Pridwin located on Shelter Island, out east on Long Island.

Back In Time

Upon driving up to this beauty, you'll immediately be transported back into time with modern amenities of course. The lobby looks nothing like the stark, cold lobbies so many hotels have. Instead, it is delicately adorned in soft blue and white shades really bringing you back to a different era. Shortly upon entering the Pridwin, you'll realize that many of the employees are from Europe. Once again, the scene is set for that perfect vacation. The Pridwin has three separate floors. Please be advised that no elevator exists in this hotel, so please ask about special accommodations if one of your guests is unable to tackle the stairs.
The rooms are not overly large, but they are clean, comfortable and well-kept. The size of the rooms really does not matter though as you won't be spending much time in it at all. The pool is open from the morning until the early evening hours, and lunch is served for a couple of hours. You're also able to order drinks from the bar, and the servers will run them out to you. Take a dip in the pool and then get a tan as you enjoy a pina colada or margarita. Going for a swim is not a necessity at all, and many guests simply sit poolside watching others splash around as they themselves enjoy an excellent novel and a cold refreshing beverage.
What else is there to do but sit at the pool all day? Well, the Pridwin is located right on the beach. The beach is small and private, so you need not worry about lugging supplies all over the beach. Although many people do stay at this hotel, it's not overly large so you aren't fighting for space on the beach. You also have the option to go kayaking or paddleboarding. The attendants are stationed on the beach to help you with the equipment and to show you how to use it properly and in a safe manner.

Food That Cannot Be Beat

Meals at the Pridwin simply cannot be beat. The breakfast buffet includes both hot and cold items, and a special usually exists. One of the favorites is a "make-your-own parfait" station, at which you can put on whatever toppings that you want. If you choose not to have lunch at the pool, you can eat in the restaurant. Both indoor and outdoor dining options exist, with most of the guests choosing the latter. Dinner is simply exquisite and finer food will likely never enter into your mouth. Specials vary by day, but you can be sure to always find something delectable on the menu.
A beautiful bar sits just inside the doors leading to the outdoor dining area. Sit at the bar itself, or relax on one of the comfortable couches. If wine is your specialty, the Long Island Wine Country is not too far away. You'll need to take a quick ferry ride over to Greenport or the Hamptons, depending on which wineries you would like to visit. Greenport and the Hamptons are both very nice areas to walk through during one of your days of the stay. You might choose to dine in one of these places as well.
For whom is the Pridwin suitable? The answer is pretty much everyone. Many families go there, and their children enjoy days spent splashing in the pool and playing at the beach. You'll also see a number of couples ranging in age. Not too many young couples frequent this establishment. Although it is much less expensive than a vacation to Europe, the price is still on the higher end. For those who are able to afford a vacation to the Pridwin, it is truly an enjoyable experience.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

[Guest Content] Brits and Their Holidays - InfoGraphic

[Guest Content] Thanks to Amber for emailing me this guest content today! 

Interested in contributing your holiday knowledge and experience to this blog? Get in touch!

This infographic has been created for Voyager using information from several sources, including Direct Travel Insurance, the Office for National Statistics, The Telegraph the Association of British Insurers. This infographic in particular depicts key stats and information on British holiday goers, including some facts about staycations, most visited countries and trip costs.

Infographic created for - Shows stats about Britains holiday makers
Brits and Their Holidays

55.7 MILLION Holidays Booked in 2011 by  People from the UK!

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[ Guest Post ] I handpick my holiday - says Melissa

[Guest Post ] About the Author: Melissa Foy

Melissa represents WhereInRio, a luxury real estate and rental agency based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [view blog] She can be reached at

The Great Rental Debate

When I’m booking a holiday, I tend to leave the hotel booking to anyone else to choose and organize. This lack of conviction on my part has led me to find myself staying in 5 star hotels, cosy B&B’s, student hostels, homestays and tents (exotic in Northern India, but cold and miserable in West Wales..)

Whilst I enjoy a lavish hotel as much as the next girl, the comfort of a holiday rental villa or apartment always keeps me coming back for more. I agree that staying in a 5 star hotel may feel like the ultimate luxury, but the inclusion of staff, receptionists and caretakers can intrude on the sense of indulgence. By choosing a vacation rental during your holiday, you are treated – not only to the same amazing views you can get in a hotel – but also to privacy, comfort and a sense of individuality that cannot be beaten.

Another reason I love staying in a rental is the opportunity to basically customize the size and décor of my accommodation to my mood. Unless you’re forking out for a penthouse suite, chances are your hotel room provides enough space to sleep and relax, but little else. So why would I chose to stay in the same surroundings as everyone else in the building,? Especially when I can handpick my holiday rental property based on my exact needs, taste and personality.

For the price of a room in a 5 star hotel, you are able to secure a vacation rental property of your choice, and often for less than you would pay for the equivalent length of stay in a hotel. Also included in the price of your rental accommodation is your sole use of available amenities on site – so no more rushing to the pool in the morning to secure a sunlounger – the whole area is yours. There’s no need to huddle around the fireplace in a hotel lobby – the one in the living room is all yours!

Whilst upmarket hotels are often located in the most well connected parts of town, with the best views and nearest access to attractions, holiday rentals are usually embedded within communities, giving you the chance to feel like a local, wherever you choose to stay. Whether you are staying in a private or agency rental, the owner’s local expertise will prove indispensible as you explore your surroundings during your stay. Blending into the local crowd is my number one reason to keep coming back to rentals. Tourist? Moi?!

Do you blog about travel? Want to write for us? Fancy contributing guest posts and sharing your travel experiences and hotel stays abroad? Comment about your pitch and application below! 
I'll endeavour to get in touch! Leave your contact details or blogger ID at your own discretion. We do not have a guest posting policy setup on Get A Hotel Room as yet - FYI - we prefer the personal touch, the  top 5 type list format is not ideal unless it offers immense resources or practical guide information.

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Discovering the Magic and Adventure Behind the 49th State


Alaska holidays and family adventure holidays are just a few of the many types of travel options that Idania Silvia has written about on blogs and websites. It is Sue's sincerest desire to help travelers step out of their comfort zones without any significant risk.

Vacationers are likely to rediscover their love and passion for traveling once they sign up for the best Alaska tours. Alaska is a perfect destination for adventure holidays because of its eclectic mix of natural and man-made attractions. Most of these activities are something even kids will enjoy.

Do's and Don'ts for Traveling to Alaska

Before anything else, make sure you remember the following when preparing for a trip to Alaska:

1. The weeks between mid-May and mid-September are the best time to visit Alaska.

2. Layered outfits are the best things to pack for Alaska tours. Make sure your outermost layer is something both breathable and waterproof to keep you sufficiently protected from the state's typical weather, which ranges from rainy to chilly.

3. Alaska is a state in which you will frequently have to travel by water, going on board cruise ships or riding small boats and everything in between. If you are the type to get seasick, make sure you have medication for motion sickness ready. For overnight journeys by water, choose the cabin you will be most comfortable in and one that is designed to reduce the chances of passengers suffering from seasickness.

4. Prepare extra money to try out at least one sightseeing tour by plane. Many consider it the best way of exploring Alaska.

5. Bring mosquito repellent if your tour includes traveling by water or tours to the wilderness in the summer.


What to Enjoy from Alaskan Family Adventure Holidays

Now that you know how to effectively prepare for an Alaskan tour, here are some of the most popular activities that typically make it to an itinerary for this type of travel package.

1. Water Activities: Your choice of water craft is almost as extensive as what you would expect with land-based vehicles. Aside from the usual cruise ships gliding past enormous and majestic-looking fords, in addition to charming ferries taking you for a ride on picturesque lakes, you are usually given the option to enjoy sea kayaking amidst glaciers, taking a water taxi in Kenai Peninsula and having a whitewater rafting adventure if the season allows it. Canoeing is also a popular choice.

2. Land Activities: There is much to do once you are on land again. In Alaska, some of the most popular land-based activities include taking the aerial tramway in Alyeska Mountain, going mountain biking and maybe watching a demo for dog sledding and trying it if you wish.

3. Parks: If it is the natural beauty of Alaska you wish to see, its parks are the best places to catch more than a glimpse of it. You get to stay in the likes of Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and also enjoy scenic hikes and nature walks in a Great National Park.


Other Activities to Enjoy in Alaska

If you have the time and budget to spare for family adventure holidays

, you should also consider trying optional but fun activities such as a float plane trip and ice climbing. Even if you are not much of an outdoor person, try camping in highly recommended sites. In such cases, meals are usually inclusive with your tour package for Alaska holidays.

Since Alaska is not part of continental U.S., it is not surprising that only a few Americans ever have the chance to visit the 49th state. Even so, that does not mean the country's "last frontier" is not worth exploring. In fact, you will probably find yourself suitably surprised once you see the heavily packed itinerary this particular state alone has to offer.

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African adventures combining sailing holidays for singles

Think of Africa and a picture of untamed wildlife and dramatic landscapes springs to mind. But as well as offering the ultimate safari experience, Africa is the ideal destination for thrill seekers, sailors, sun-seekers and those with an eye for the spectacular, the unexpected and the breathtaking.

Africa is a magical place on a scale which allows for the most incredible variety. Its diverse landscapes and natural beauty, its abundance of wildlife and warm-hearted people who welcome visitors with open arms, Africa will enchant and captivate from the moment you arrive.

This vast continent of stark contrasts, the second largest and second-most populous continent in the world, is home to 1 billion people and for many visitors it is the people they will remember as much as the incredible experiences and amazing sights they have encountered on their African adventure.
Most vacationers head to this continent of plenty for an African safari holiday. They come seeking that
holiday of a lifetime and leave finding it exceeded their expectations.

Safaris, stunning scenery, sailing and sun

Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe all offer safari holidays, each with their individual characteristics, but all guaranteeing a superb safari adventure.

The most exclusive and expensive safari destination is Botswana with very high standards of safari accommodation and some quite exceptional game viewing in some of the private reserves.

The first country to buck the safari trend, Kenya is home to the iconic Masai Mara which still attracts enormous numbers of tourists. Kenya caters for the mass market and combines safaris with affordable beach holidays. With the warm waters of the Indian Ocean this is also an ideal location for those seeking sailing holidays for singles.

Namibia attracts visitors more for its dramatic scenery than the wildlife. The Skeleton Coast and Sossusvlei offer some outstanding landscapes but for game Namibia cannot compete with its neighbours, nor does it claim to do so.

Possibly Africa's most well known safari destination with the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater topping the lists of must-see attractions, Tanzania is also a great place for walking safari's and for combining a safari with a beach holiday in the fascinating city of Zanzibar.

Zambia is another ideal country for walking safaris, although the safari season is a short one – May to October. Neighbouring Zimbabwe too has some excellent value safaris and is a great location for canoe and boating safaris. It also boasts some incredible camps and outstanding lodges which combined with some of Africa's best game viewing make this land-locked country an unbeatable safari destination.

For a totally different and unique experience jungle safaris in the remote region of the Congo Basin offer an opportunity to track lowland gorillas, forest elephants and Ba'Aka pygmies.

South Africa is also a haven for game seekers with some fabulous game reserves, the most well-known of which is the Kruger National Park. The astonishing wildlife and spectacular scenery of this jewel in South Africa's crown, make it an unmissable destination for those with an appreciation for the sublime.

Most visitors can't wait to return, they leave Africa intrigued and enlightened and if they don't manage to get back they will most likely spend the rest of their lives dreaming about it.

Idania Silvia is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to a number of mainstream press, travel and holiday websites and blogs. Before she got married she experienced many sailing holidays for singles  but now she enjoys them with her husband and four children who each share her wanderlust for the world. Her last adventure was an African safari where she encountered breathtaking scenery, extraordinary people and the most incredible wildlife.

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Vacations for Two?

Vacations for two are generally intended to be a romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just about anywhere can provide a great opportunity for romance, but there are some places that more enjoyable than others. Most people think tropical when they think romance, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. There are many places all over the world that can put the spark into a romantic relationship.

One place that relatively few Americans go is Africa.  This is a place where you don’t have to wish for adventure because you experience it. Sub-Saharan Africa provides some of the greatest opportunities for wildlife viewing on the planet. In addition to the wildebeests, giraffes, elephants and lions, the scenery in Africa is very diverse. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the few places on the equator that has visible snow. Subtropical grasslands, majestic mountains and humid rainforests are all sub-climates on the African continent. If wildlife viewing is not high on the list, Africa can still be enjoyable for history lovers. Egypt has some of the most impressive cultural artifacts in history with the Cairo Museum and the nearby pyramids at Giza. A trip on the Nile is also a great romantic option for couples.

Tropical locations are always high on the list for romantic getaways. Within the United States, Hawaii in many ways seems like a foreign country with the island culture. The tropical warmth is great for outdoor luaus that couples can enjoy. Many hotels have spas located within their doors, and a couples massage might just do the trick. Many Caribbean islands and the Mexican coast also have the tropical feel and generally cost less than a flight to Hawaii. All of these are great options for a vacation for two.

Some people like cooler weather, and mountain locations can be just as romantic as tropical venues. The United States has two major mountain chains that have a number of ranges attached to them. The Appalachians and the Rockies are both great venues for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Many ski resorts have romantic lodges, but couples may want to book a separate cabin instead. Many mountain cabins come complete with hot tubs and other such romantic amenities.

Of course, these suggestions are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to romantic getaways for two. Many South American, Asian or European cities could also be noted. Those who like ancient sites will enjoy the Mediterranean basin. Trips to Asia can provide a very exotic experience for those of European and American stock. The choices are nearly endless.

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What Takes Your Accommodation Fancy? From Tents to Castles…

Once you’ve decided where to go and what to do on your summer holiday, the next choice to make is where you’re going to stay. Fortunately, you’re not short of options these days, with places out there to suit all budgets and requirements. Here we’ve summed up some of the most interesting and obscure holiday accommodation available for you to choose from on your hols, from bargain basement to luxurious magnificence…

The unassuming campervan is an excellent option for people on a budget who plan on travelling around a lot. It is often the choice for backpackers when moving around, particularly when doing farm work in Australia and then moving around to other destinations.

Bedouin Tent
Venture out on a trip into the Sahara Desert in Morocco and you will find your accommodation will most likely be a large Bedouin tent, with plenty of space in the camel car park alongside! Whilst not the most luxurious of places, it’s certainly a step above the usual British image of a tent on a campsite! 

Bed and Breakfasts
The archetypal accommodation choice in the UK, bed and breakfasts continue to draw in travellers around the country. Offering a huge range in themselves (you can find luxury B&Bs with all the trimmings all the way down to people’s spare room) B&Bs can cater to any need. If you’re holidaying in the UK, there’s no doubt a B&B will be on your radar when looking for somewhere to stay, whether you’re looking for a cheap bed and breakfast in Scarborough or boutique B and B in Weymouth. 

Boutique Hotel
If you’re feeling a little flusher when you go on your holidays, you might consider a more unique type of hotel which offers unique quirky features in addition to your usual fare at everyday hotels. Boutique hotels are a great way to stay somewhere individual whilst still getting all the fantastic service you’d expect from a top end hotel.

Water Villas
For those at the top end of the social scale, luxury water villas are the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday soaking up the sun. These stunning bungalows which sit on stilts above beautiful blue waters really are the epitome of luxury and, for those that can afford it, there’s nowhere better to spend a holiday.

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Take a Different Approach to Your Summer Holiday

When summer comes around, we usually reach for the same travel brochure or website and look for something similar to what we did the year before. A holiday on the beach in Spain, lying by the pool in Portugal or wandering in the hills of France are usually on the menu for the summer holidays, but why not try something different?

Below are a few options to consider if you fancy a slightly different break for this year’s holidays:

Trekking in the Himalayas

For the more adventurous out there, a trekking holiday in the Himalayas is a fantastic way to get away from it all, see beautiful sights and experience one of the world’s most incredible creations. Trekking in Nepal has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people doing the hikes to raise money for their chosen charity. It won’t be the easiest, most relaxing holiday you’ve ever had, but it could well be the most rewarding…

Golfing in Dubai

As with most things, Dubai has become one of the premiere places to go on a golfing holiday. With guaranteed weather, some of the best courses in the world and all the luxury you could ask for, golf holidays in Dubai really do have it all. The best thing is that it also has plenty to entertain the rest of the family who aren’t golf enthusiasts. With beaches, breathtaking architecture, trips into the desert just some of the things to do, the non-golfers won’t find themselves bored whilst you work your way around the back 9.

Travel Through Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a beautiful collection of countries with loads to see and do. And the best thing is that it is all so close and so well connected, so it’s easy to hop between countries and see an amazing amount in just a week or two. If you get an interrail ticket you can hop on and off most trains, though it might be just as cheap to pay individually depending on what route you take. With the opportunity to see stunning places like Budapest, Lake Bled and Dubrovnik, it’s no surprise this is such a popular choice. So there you go, rip up your ticket to a holiday by the pool this year and try something a little different, it could be the best thing you ever did… This is a guest post from Tom at Navigator Travel who offer great value world travel insurance, perfect wherever you choose to go…

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Why a UK Break Beats Going Abroad

With so much excitement around the Olympics this summer, there’s no better time to be exploring the UK and sampling the fantastic places to see and things to do. Olympic fever put the spotlight of the world on the UK and everyone rose to the challenge, with events, celebrations and parties happening up and down the country. So when better to explore your homeland then when it is reaching for the stars to impress the world?

Here’s why you should be staying at home this summer:

Fantastic Destinations

The UK is packed full of fantastic places. From the cosmopolitan capital of London, to rural magnificence in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, from historic cities like York to gorgeous beaches in Cornwall, the UK has the lot. Outside of England, Wales boasts the stunning Snowdonia National Park and glorious north coast to explore. With luxury self catering in North Wales easy to come by, it’s a perfect place to mix the outdoors with some creature comforts! Venture up to Scotland and you’ll find more stunning cities in Edinburgh and Glasgow which will provide enough entertainment themselves. Keep heading north though and you’ll find some of the world’s greatest coastline which will take your breath away. Just pray for some sunshine…

Stunning Accommodation

The UK is packed with beautiful accommodation which spreads from budget B&Bs to luxury group accommodation in holiday homes up and down the country. Wherever you are visiting, whatever your budget constraints, you will be able to find somewhere quintessentially English to enjoy your stay. Hanging out with local B&B owners and learning about the area might be your idea of a fantastic domicile, though you might prefer a luxury stay in one of London’s most elite hotels. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here on UK shores.

Wonderful Tours

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to walk down the road and not know where they’re heading, then a tour might be a better idea for you. And fear not, there are plenty of fantastic tour operators in the UK who can take you around every conceivable destination in exactly the way you want to go. They will tell you everything you need to know about everything you want to see and all the history behind it. Us Brits are pretty keen on stuff like that you see… If that’s not good enough reason to drop everything and start exploring the UK now then I don’t know what is. Stop worrying about the good old British weather and pack everything you need to cope with any eventuality. No weather should be bad enough it stops you seeing all this country’s got to offer. And, if you’re lucky, the sun might just shine and you’ll find yourself on the west coast of Scotland thinking you must be in the Caribbean!

This is a guest post from Tom at Top Backpacking Destinations

3 Great Places for an Adventurous Family Holiday

Planning the annual family holiday always throws up difficult questions. Do you go somewhere just to keep the kids happy or should there be something for the adults too? Are you looking for a holiday by the pool or something a little more active? Do you stick to Europe or venture further afield?

For those families who fancy a break from the norm, we’ve put together a few options below which will offer both fun for the kids as well as interest and intrigue for the elder statesmen of the family!


Morocco is becoming a much more common destination for family holidays and it’s no surprise when you’ve had the opportunity to sample the delights it has to offer. From the winding alleys in the souks of Marrakech to the expansive views over the Atlas Mountains, Morocco really is a country of huge diversity and beauty. If the mountains aren’t for you then you can venture to the sand dunes of the Sahara desert or the fantastic surf on the west coast. With fantastic accommodation options to match any budget, from a luxury hotel in Marrakech to tents in the dunes of Erg Chigaga, there really is something for everyone of any age.


A destination which has seen its difficulties over the years, Russia is starting to reappear on the tourist map with vigour. With the upcoming World Cup and destinations like Moscow and St Petersburg capturing the imagination of European tourists, Russia is now a great place to consider for a family break off the beaten track. These two cities offer so much to see and do and the opportunity to sample a different culture and open the eyes of your children who likely haven’t seen far beyond their own town or city. Moscow hotels vary from small boutique Russian offerings to lavish luxury boudoirs and everything in between, ideal for families looking for accommodation which falls into their budget. If you fancy a slightly more active city break with the kids, Russia should be high on the list – just don’t forget your jumper!


Germany might not seem too far off the beaten track, but it doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of interest for family holidays as places like Spain, Portugal and France. This might be because it doesn’t really fall into the beach holiday category, but it still has plenty to see and do for all ages. It certainly isn’t short of fantastic cities, with Berlin, Munich and Hamburg challenging any city in Europe in the entertainment stakes. Venture into the countryside and you will find quaint villages, flowing hills and friendly people more than happy to entertain you and the family. The Germans love their football too so if your kids like their sport then they won’t be short of opportunity to sample a football match. With a wealth of family hotels, Germany also provides accommodation requirements so you can easily take your pick.

So if you’re thinking of something slightly different for this year’s family holiday, consider the 3 destinations above for a bit of intrigue, excitement and alternative entertainment.

This is a guest post from Tom who writes for the online publication 'Abroad in Spain'.

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Guest Post: Top Five New England Inns

This is a Guest post from Noella Schink - who is a travel writer from Portland, Maine, a New England city she wouldn’t trade for the world. She loves to get away from it all with a night at a luxury hotel, inn or B&B whenever she can, and then delights in writing about her experiences!

Nowhere else in the country ~ 

                           Offers the idyllic charm of a New England Inn:

Personalized service, thoughtful amenities and small town quiet await you at these classic northern escapes.

Maple Hill Farm Inn 11 Inn Road, Hallowell, Maine This renovated farm house just outside of Augusta boasts a working farm, hundreds of acres of nature trails and the biggest solar array in the state!

You’ll love the outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna after a “tough day” of relaxing in your plush room (outfitted with flat screen TV, DVD player and artfully chosen antiques).

There is a common kitchen area where you’ll always be greeted with fresh baked goods and coffee, as well as “the pub,” a cozy nook perfect for a nightcap, chatting with new friends or watching the Red Sox game. Touted as the one of the best inns in Maine many years running, owners Scott Cowger and Vince Hannan really go above and beyond in their attention to detail. Maple Hill Farm is a welcome relief from the chaos and bustle that takes over the coastal region every summer.

The Wentworth Inn 1 Carter Notch Road, Jackson Village, New Hampshire An impeccable example of the heyday of New England resorts, the Wentworth Inn is truly grand, in traditional European style. There are smoking and billiard saloons, a gilded ballroom and luxuriously appointed bedrooms with cozy crackling fireplaces, all tucked in the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire. Wildcat Ski area is right down the road for the adventuresome types, or if it’s summertime, you can make use of the miles of serene, wooded hiking trails around Jackson village or the award winning 18 hole golf course. Dinner at the onsite restaurant will tickle even the most discerning palate, as Chef Brian Gazda is prestigiously trained and focused on locally sourcing almost all of his ingredients.

Three Stanley Avenue 3 Stanley Avenue, Kingfield, Maine Perfect for a quaint, romantic escape, Three Stanley Avenue will transport you back to a simpler time. Built in 1900 by the younger brother of the Stanley Steamer twins, the inn has simple Victorian décor, luxurious clawfoot tubs but no televisions! Stroll down the charming Main Street of Kingfield, relax in the gazebo or enjoy a world class “Maine Cuisine” meal at the restaurant next door, aptly named One Stanley Avenue. Tucked in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain, it’s the perfect accommodation if you want to ski during the day and then come home to peace and quiet at night. You’ll love the unfussy attitude of the locals and the warm hospitality of owner Dan Davis, who has worked as executive chef and innkeeper since 1972.

Captain’s House Inn 369-377 Old Harbor Road, Chatham, Massachusetts Built in 1839, this famous B&B is a Cape Cod staple. Touted as one of the top ten most romantic inns in the country, its luxe amenities and impeccable service are second to none. The Greek revival style house is surrounded by peaceful gardens, winding walking trails and that sought after fresh sea air. You’ll be charmed by the quaint furnishings, working fireplaces, flowery wallpaper and old-school atmosphere within. Lounge in an Adirondack chair in the sunny yard, challenge your companions to a game of croquet or make for the waterfront where scenic cruises along the coast are the perfect vantage point for admiring Cape Cod. Just make sure you’re back in time for full English tea in the afternoon!

The Mayflower Inn 118 Woodbury Road, Washington, Connecticut This seemingly idyllic country inn offers more than meets the eye. Pamper yourself with a full menu of decadent spa treatments, dine in elegance worthy of the Hamptons yet still enjoy the tranquil New England location. The property’s guest suites offer four poster beds, cushy lounges and even an al fresco terrace overlooking the garden. The nearby Steep Rock Nature Preserve is a beautiful area of walking trails, bird watching and natural serenity, or if you prefer more active days, you can kayak or canoe along the Shepaug River. End your day with an artfully crafted meal of fresh local produce and even fresher seafood in the award winning dining room.

Have you some interesting travel news, experiences of places to share? Get in touch - we'd love to house a guest post from you on our travel blog!

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The best New Zealand Adrenaline experiences

Guest Post by Elle-Rose Williams; works for No1 Traveller as their resident traveller writer. If you can’t find her at work… she’s probably travelling!

The best New Zealand Adrenaline experiences

Many people come to New Zealand for the beautiful landscapes the clean air and the breath taking scenery. And whilst all of those things are more than fantastic – there are many of us who flock to this little country because of the adrenaline activities on offer. The country is more than perfect for those who admit to being an adrenaline junkie – with each city and town here offering their own unique take on adventure.
The truth is – it doesn’t matter where you planning to visit in NZ – as you’ll find something to satisfy your adrenaline needs in every town and every city. This country offers such variety and such diversity that you’ll never be short of ideas or things to do. But you might need a little help deciding which you’d prefer – so we’ve put together an awesome list to get you informed!

Queens Town

Queenstown offers the most diverse range of activities. You could probably spend weeks here just trying something new every day! The town has all sorts of incredible activities that will please both the adrenaline expert of the novice. Expect to find:
  • Skydiving
  • Rafting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Luge riding
  • Helicopter flights
  • Climbing
  • Sailing
  • Skiing (dependant on season)
  • Snowboarding (dependant on season)
  • Heli-skiing
Queenstown has an awesome nightlife too – it’s known as a bit of a party destination and has a reputation for late nights and lots of drink. So if you’re a fan of adrenaline and a fan of partying – this is without a doubt the place for you.


As the capital of New Zealand, this is where most of the population of New Zealand actually live. You’ll find a great variety of activities here – not as many as Queenstown, but enough to keep you going! In Auckland you’ll find:
  • Auckland adventure Jet
  • Bridge Bungee
  • Bridge Climb
  • Canyoning (40 minute drive)
  • Sky Jump
  • Sky Walk
Auckland is an exciting city with lots of other things to do in-between all your adventure activities! There are some great shops for shopping in, some wonderful restaurants and great sights to see. You can also have fun exploring the other parts of the city’s suburbs too, which are a short drive out of the city.


Wellington is a great city, full of life and full of character. There aren’t quite as many activities here for the adrenaline seeker – but you won’t be short of exciting activities and there are certainly some fantastic things to do and see. One of the main attractions in Wellington is sailing – so that should be your priority when visiting Wellington! There are all sorts of sailing trips available – from kayaking and canoeing to big ferry rides and whale watching.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A perfect group sporty holiday in the sun

Guest post by Laela – member of

Laela: "I am a Belgian woman working and living in London and I am a member of Hooleytime, which organises Group Holidays, Adventures and Events. I find it a great way to meet new people and join organised group events and holidays. 

Last year I went on a Villa & Watersports Holiday to Greece with 15 other Hooleytimers and had a brilliant time – I’m booked into the next one this June and am counting down the days with the miserable British Spring that seems to be passing us by!
Although I only knew a few of the members on the holiday, it is such a chilled out and welcoming group that I immediately felt very much at home. The place was amazing with such wonderful weather, breath-taking landscapes and the clear-blue ocean. We had plenty of choice in our activities: tennis, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, group fitness sessions, beach-volleyball – not much time for sunbathing, although I did manage a few rose fuelled long lunches with the gang at the Club!

Hooleytime had rented a gorgeous villa a short walk from the Club and also some rooms in a local B&B, for those members who wanted some ‘me’ time and who didn’t always want to be in the thick of it.

We spent most of the days at the Beach and Watersports club and split the evenings between BBQ’s at the villa, parties at the club and local restaurants. There were other groups of professionals in other villas, whom we partied with in the evenings and competed against sailing – but the best thing of the holiday was to be part of such a lovely group but also to be able to nip off and read a book, have a nap in the shade or go for a windsurf or sail without anyone minding.

I find that in my early 30s – my options are limited with potential holiday ‘partners in crime’ - the old holiday groups have diminished with less of us without family ties and with the income to go on such a holiday, so Hooleytime is the perfect solution for me!"

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

3 Great Restaurants In Agios Sostis

3 Great Restaurants In Agios Sostis 

 Anyone who has ever been to Agios Sostis knows that this place is about as picture postcard perfect as anywhere else in the Peloponnese. Situated on the southern end of the island of Zante it has that perfect 'village' feel where you feel totally relaxed as soon as you set foot here, and what better way to relax than to start the morning in a typical taverna watching the sun rise whilst drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Alternatively, you can kick back in the evening over a Meze and a glass of Ouzo or two, followed by some fresh fish, caught right out of the bay. Many people come from all over Zante to dine here and it is no wonder because there are some great restaurants situated here. So with this in mind, lets take a look at some of the best.

Ole Ole Restaurant 

The Ole Ole restaurant is a great beach front family run taverna. With patrons Andreas and Roberto Liveris they endeavour to make sure that you will have a meal to savour. Dine on the vine covered terrace and take your choice from some fantastic authentic Greek fayre. Dishes include Gemista (stuffed vine tomatoes and peppers), catch of the day (oven baked or pan fried) served with a simple Greek Salad, Mousaka and a selection of mezes. They also have a good selection of wines. This place has been getting some rave reviews of late and is well worth a visit.


If you want a restaurant with views to die for, then you cannot get any closer to the ocean than this. The Boomerang with it's picturesque side terrace is open for breakfast lunch and evening meals. It has a good selection of authentic dishes including Calamari, which are freshly caught from the bay and it also has an 'eat as much as you like' barbecue twice a week which is really good value for money. Don't be surprised if the host has you up dancing on the tables at the end of the night.


This restaurant is managed by the Hotel Mykonos Star, but you don't have to stay at the hotel to eat here. It is in fact open to all. The Veranda has a superb beach front location and isn't as busy as some of the other more popular restaurants. However that has to be in its favour as it is positively charming. The food is authentic Greek cuisine with generous portions and the staff are very courteous. What better way to wind up the day than with a lovely meal and a glass of something cold watching the sun set over the bay. There are plenty of other restaurants and tavernas in Agois Sostis each one serving great simple fresh food, and these are just the pick of the bunch. In fact, deciding where and what to eat may be a difficult choice to make but one in which it could be fun sampling everything that this stunning place has to offer.

For more information about the greek getaway of Agios Sostis then check out

Review of the Hilton Times Square

Adam writes for
Adam Bruk
This is a guest post contributed to Get A Hotel Room by Adam who is a writer for where he shares his travel experiences and helps travelers find the products they need for their trip. He also helps international travelers find adapters and converters like these so they can use their appliances when traveling abroad.

"I recently took a weekend trip to New York City and wanted to truly experience life in the big apple. There isn’t a better way to experience all New York City has to offer than to stay at one of the most popular attractions, Times Square! "
"I was able to use points I’ve saved up from previous trips to stay at the Hilton Times Square, which is right in the middle of all the action! Not only was the hotel exquisite, but there was certainly plenty to do within walking distance of the hotel as well."
Picture taken from Hilton hotel room. Over looks buildings in 42nd Street, New York City
We Love NYC!
The hotel is located right on 42nd street and is less than a 5 minute walk from the theatre district of Times Square. 

The rooms are only above the 23rd floor, which helps to minimize any street noise. We were on the 38th floor and had a direct view of where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. We didn’t hear any noise from the ground, which is great for those who are light sleepers and want a quiet room. 

The room was very large for a New York City hotel. The bathrooms looked like they were recently remodeled and the room had an “elegant charm” to it that was different from the other Hilton’s I’ve stayed at.

The best amenity of the hotel has to be the bar/restaurant, which offers a phenomenal view of the city. They have an award winning breakfast, which is free for those who have free breakfast vouchers or are diamond members. 

It was nice to start our day by enjoying the skyline of the city we were about to explore! In the evening, we enjoyed a drink at the bar to take in the sights before heading out for a night on the town. 

The concierge was very knowledgeable and gave us great recommendations for night life. They also helped us get tickets to a show that was said to be sold out for a fraction of the face value! They truly went above and beyond to make sure that we made the most of our stay in NYC!

NYC picture of buildings
A highlight that the hotel doesn’t stress enough is that you are less than a half a block from the Times Square subway station. From the Times Square station, you can catch a subway to almost anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx. However, there are a few cons regarding the hotel, with the biggest one being the price. 

This hotel, like most in Times Square, is extremely expensive and I wouldn’t have been able to afford this without my past guest points. 

The restaurant and bar are also very expensive, even when compared to regular New York City prices. The other con I want to point out is the fitness center was very small for a hotel, so those that need to exercise on their trip (for medical reasons) should be aware of this. 

There also wasn’t a pool for those that look forward to the hotel pool on your vacation. Besides for these cons, I highly recommend staying at the Hilton Times Square on your next trip to New York City!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Guest Post: Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

This week, GetAHotelRoom asked a few bloggers to guest post and share their travel experiences with us.

About the Author: [Neltje Ann]  ~ The writer of wanted to guest post with us this week and share her vibes on her excursion to the Dominican Republic. Neltje's daily role is all about infusing and instilling her nursing knowledge in others, whilst promoting certified medical training within the healthcare sector, so if you're interested in studying to become a neonatal nurse or want to find out the daily ins and outs of a psychiatric nurse - Maybe can help you learn more?

If you'd like to "guest post" or "write for us" - don't be afraid to land a few comments and engage with our guest bloggers along the way...

Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

Neltje: "So I am sure you are wondering where the Dominican Republic is. It is right next to Haiti, and it is in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean's largest tourist destination; the country's year-round golf courses are among the top attractions. Here are some of my adventures:

I went to the Dominican Republic two summers ago to volunteer with a program called The Dream Project. It's a non-profit organization that runs a summer camp.

When I walked out of the plane, it was just, once again, mind blowing (I use this expression because honestly, words cannot describe what i am feeling right now). there was a little band that was playing bachata music (its really popular in the DR) and people were singing, it was really cool. It was super nerve racking though because as soon as you get off the plane there were people yelling in a different languages and i seriously started sweating buckets the moment I stepped on to the landing strip. I could tell it was going to always be hot in the DR.

All we eat is rice and beans. and you know, i really like it. i mean, we have had some crazy cravings, but I'm  probably never going to eat this food again, so why not? We went to a restaurant two days ago that had this thing called pastellon (which was smashed bananas and cheese and sauce) it was definitely something that was different to an American palette such as mine, but it was still yummy. I've noticed that Dominicans do not use a lot of sugar in their food, which is interesting seeing as they used to harvest a lot of the world's sugar (once upon a time).

I cannot wait to start teaching the little children! its going to be so hard though! We went to la boca (which is a fresh water lake that is connected to the ocean) and this little girl was asking me to teach her to swim (she only spoke spanish) it was really really hard. I have a co-teacher with me, but i got 
totally jiped because she doesn't speak a word of Spanish, so i have to translate for her AND run the lessons, its really going to test my patience.

The Dominican Republic is a place that people do not know much about, but it is a beautiful place."

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Coogarth Holiday Cottage | Martindale | Get a Room in the Lake District

Place of Interest: 

Martindale, Howtown, Ullswater, Penrith, Cumbria.

Get a Room at: 

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Deep within the Lake district 528 ft above sea level sits the most remote, peaceful and unspoiled village of Martindale. You would barely spot in on the OS maps, but Martindale is a truly deep and meaningful place shrouded in onion skins of history.

Martindale is a popular secret spot amongst the walking and hiking community - made known by the summit of 'Hallins Fell' - a mountain you can climb in less than 45 minutes due to the entry ascent on the man 1940's made road.

Prior to entering this village one must drive through a long and windy road adjacent to the impressive Ullswater lake. The further you go down this mysterious road the narrower the track becomes leaving barely enough room for one car to navigate in one sole direction. There are convenient passing places dotted along here - but don't be surprised if you find yourself reversing for a good 500m on the odd occasion.

The Hause:

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COOGARTH, (Coogarth Holiday Cottage - Self Catering)
Martindale, Near Howtown, 
Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2NF

Contact Sophie Locket on:
Telephone: 01883 716776 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Highlight of the Week: Lettings in Vale do Lobo

Who can resist the Algarve for the perfect sunshine break? And where better than Vale de Lobo?  Think relaxing. Think calm sea. Think golden beaches. Sounds like utopia right? Well in Vale de Lobo you get all this and more! It seems that lettings are being booked up like decadent fish dishes in this region of the world.

Just to wet your appetite let's take a look at what is currently on offer a stones throw away from your favourite Portuguese beaches:

[Images Courtesy of : Haven on Earth - If you want to find More villas to rent in Vale do Lobo - visit]

This lavish villa boasts a gorgeous pristine and well maintained clear blue swimming pool (as you can see in the pictures). 

Situated within walking distance from the beach you can expect to enjoy great sea views from the balcony and a tremendous amount of fresh holiday air. This property is very well maintained - it has a maid that comes round to clean regularly and the air conditioning system provides the perfect environment in which to relax and cool down from your encounters at the beach. This holiday letting sleeps between eight and ten people within a space that is roomy enough for four bedrooms and a large living space area. 

There will be no queueing in the morning or at night when getting ready to go out  - as this amazing letting houses no less than four luxury bathrooms!!!! 

Local Facilities / Ammenities in Vale-De-Lobo (Algarve):

There are plenty of things to keep you occupied on holiday at Vale de Lobo

For a start there are many golf courses for you to choose from, outdoor bowling, tennis, and water sports including scuba diving expeditions, water skiing wind surfing and much much more. We recommend that you visit the friendly local markets to get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere that the lovely Vale de Lobo has to offer! 

Essential Information:

Language: The native language is Portuguese - although many of the inhabitants do speak English,

The most important Portuguese word that you may need to take with you is: 'Obrigado' or 'Obrigada' (if you are a woman) meaning 'Thankyou'.

Currency: Euro - Use to view the latest online exchange rates.

National Emergency Number: 112

Shop Opening Times: (Times may differ depending on the establishment but generally in Vale de Lobo the shops open at 9am (Monday to Friday) until 1300 hrs. (Lunchtime siestas generally last 2 hrs). Then the shops re-open at around 1500 hrs and continue trading until 1900 hrs.

On Saturday the shops generally shut just after lunch at 1300 hrs unless it is December when shops open up at the usual hours.