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Discovering the Magic and Adventure Behind the 49th State


Alaska holidays and family adventure holidays are just a few of the many types of travel options that Idania Silvia has written about on blogs and websites. It is Sue's sincerest desire to help travelers step out of their comfort zones without any significant risk.

Vacationers are likely to rediscover their love and passion for traveling once they sign up for the best Alaska tours. Alaska is a perfect destination for adventure holidays because of its eclectic mix of natural and man-made attractions. Most of these activities are something even kids will enjoy.

Do's and Don'ts for Traveling to Alaska

Before anything else, make sure you remember the following when preparing for a trip to Alaska:

1. The weeks between mid-May and mid-September are the best time to visit Alaska.

2. Layered outfits are the best things to pack for Alaska tours. Make sure your outermost layer is something both breathable and waterproof to keep you sufficiently protected from the state's typical weather, which ranges from rainy to chilly.

3. Alaska is a state in which you will frequently have to travel by water, going on board cruise ships or riding small boats and everything in between. If you are the type to get seasick, make sure you have medication for motion sickness ready. For overnight journeys by water, choose the cabin you will be most comfortable in and one that is designed to reduce the chances of passengers suffering from seasickness.

4. Prepare extra money to try out at least one sightseeing tour by plane. Many consider it the best way of exploring Alaska.

5. Bring mosquito repellent if your tour includes traveling by water or tours to the wilderness in the summer.


What to Enjoy from Alaskan Family Adventure Holidays

Now that you know how to effectively prepare for an Alaskan tour, here are some of the most popular activities that typically make it to an itinerary for this type of travel package.

1. Water Activities: Your choice of water craft is almost as extensive as what you would expect with land-based vehicles. Aside from the usual cruise ships gliding past enormous and majestic-looking fords, in addition to charming ferries taking you for a ride on picturesque lakes, you are usually given the option to enjoy sea kayaking amidst glaciers, taking a water taxi in Kenai Peninsula and having a whitewater rafting adventure if the season allows it. Canoeing is also a popular choice.

2. Land Activities: There is much to do once you are on land again. In Alaska, some of the most popular land-based activities include taking the aerial tramway in Alyeska Mountain, going mountain biking and maybe watching a demo for dog sledding and trying it if you wish.

3. Parks: If it is the natural beauty of Alaska you wish to see, its parks are the best places to catch more than a glimpse of it. You get to stay in the likes of Denali and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and also enjoy scenic hikes and nature walks in a Great National Park.


Other Activities to Enjoy in Alaska

If you have the time and budget to spare for family adventure holidays

, you should also consider trying optional but fun activities such as a float plane trip and ice climbing. Even if you are not much of an outdoor person, try camping in highly recommended sites. In such cases, meals are usually inclusive with your tour package for Alaska holidays.

Since Alaska is not part of continental U.S., it is not surprising that only a few Americans ever have the chance to visit the 49th state. Even so, that does not mean the country's "last frontier" is not worth exploring. In fact, you will probably find yourself suitably surprised once you see the heavily packed itinerary this particular state alone has to offer.

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