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A perfect group sporty holiday in the sun

Guest post by Laela – member of

Laela: "I am a Belgian woman working and living in London and I am a member of Hooleytime, which organises Group Holidays, Adventures and Events. I find it a great way to meet new people and join organised group events and holidays. 

Last year I went on a Villa & Watersports Holiday to Greece with 15 other Hooleytimers and had a brilliant time – I’m booked into the next one this June and am counting down the days with the miserable British Spring that seems to be passing us by!
Although I only knew a few of the members on the holiday, it is such a chilled out and welcoming group that I immediately felt very much at home. The place was amazing with such wonderful weather, breath-taking landscapes and the clear-blue ocean. We had plenty of choice in our activities: tennis, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, group fitness sessions, beach-volleyball – not much time for sunbathing, although I did manage a few rose fuelled long lunches with the gang at the Club!

Hooleytime had rented a gorgeous villa a short walk from the Club and also some rooms in a local B&B, for those members who wanted some ‘me’ time and who didn’t always want to be in the thick of it.

We spent most of the days at the Beach and Watersports club and split the evenings between BBQ’s at the villa, parties at the club and local restaurants. There were other groups of professionals in other villas, whom we partied with in the evenings and competed against sailing – but the best thing of the holiday was to be part of such a lovely group but also to be able to nip off and read a book, have a nap in the shade or go for a windsurf or sail without anyone minding.

I find that in my early 30s – my options are limited with potential holiday ‘partners in crime’ - the old holiday groups have diminished with less of us without family ties and with the income to go on such a holiday, so Hooleytime is the perfect solution for me!"

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3 Great Restaurants In Agios Sostis

3 Great Restaurants In Agios Sostis 

 Anyone who has ever been to Agios Sostis knows that this place is about as picture postcard perfect as anywhere else in the Peloponnese. Situated on the southern end of the island of Zante it has that perfect 'village' feel where you feel totally relaxed as soon as you set foot here, and what better way to relax than to start the morning in a typical taverna watching the sun rise whilst drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Alternatively, you can kick back in the evening over a Meze and a glass of Ouzo or two, followed by some fresh fish, caught right out of the bay. Many people come from all over Zante to dine here and it is no wonder because there are some great restaurants situated here. So with this in mind, lets take a look at some of the best.

Ole Ole Restaurant 

The Ole Ole restaurant is a great beach front family run taverna. With patrons Andreas and Roberto Liveris they endeavour to make sure that you will have a meal to savour. Dine on the vine covered terrace and take your choice from some fantastic authentic Greek fayre. Dishes include Gemista (stuffed vine tomatoes and peppers), catch of the day (oven baked or pan fried) served with a simple Greek Salad, Mousaka and a selection of mezes. They also have a good selection of wines. This place has been getting some rave reviews of late and is well worth a visit.


If you want a restaurant with views to die for, then you cannot get any closer to the ocean than this. The Boomerang with it's picturesque side terrace is open for breakfast lunch and evening meals. It has a good selection of authentic dishes including Calamari, which are freshly caught from the bay and it also has an 'eat as much as you like' barbecue twice a week which is really good value for money. Don't be surprised if the host has you up dancing on the tables at the end of the night.


This restaurant is managed by the Hotel Mykonos Star, but you don't have to stay at the hotel to eat here. It is in fact open to all. The Veranda has a superb beach front location and isn't as busy as some of the other more popular restaurants. However that has to be in its favour as it is positively charming. The food is authentic Greek cuisine with generous portions and the staff are very courteous. What better way to wind up the day than with a lovely meal and a glass of something cold watching the sun set over the bay. There are plenty of other restaurants and tavernas in Agois Sostis each one serving great simple fresh food, and these are just the pick of the bunch. In fact, deciding where and what to eat may be a difficult choice to make but one in which it could be fun sampling everything that this stunning place has to offer.

For more information about the greek getaway of Agios Sostis then check out

Review of the Hilton Times Square

Adam writes for
Adam Bruk
This is a guest post contributed to Get A Hotel Room by Adam who is a writer for where he shares his travel experiences and helps travelers find the products they need for their trip. He also helps international travelers find adapters and converters like these so they can use their appliances when traveling abroad.

"I recently took a weekend trip to New York City and wanted to truly experience life in the big apple. There isn’t a better way to experience all New York City has to offer than to stay at one of the most popular attractions, Times Square! "
"I was able to use points I’ve saved up from previous trips to stay at the Hilton Times Square, which is right in the middle of all the action! Not only was the hotel exquisite, but there was certainly plenty to do within walking distance of the hotel as well."
Picture taken from Hilton hotel room. Over looks buildings in 42nd Street, New York City
We Love NYC!
The hotel is located right on 42nd street and is less than a 5 minute walk from the theatre district of Times Square. 

The rooms are only above the 23rd floor, which helps to minimize any street noise. We were on the 38th floor and had a direct view of where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. We didn’t hear any noise from the ground, which is great for those who are light sleepers and want a quiet room. 

The room was very large for a New York City hotel. The bathrooms looked like they were recently remodeled and the room had an “elegant charm” to it that was different from the other Hilton’s I’ve stayed at.

The best amenity of the hotel has to be the bar/restaurant, which offers a phenomenal view of the city. They have an award winning breakfast, which is free for those who have free breakfast vouchers or are diamond members. 

It was nice to start our day by enjoying the skyline of the city we were about to explore! In the evening, we enjoyed a drink at the bar to take in the sights before heading out for a night on the town. 

The concierge was very knowledgeable and gave us great recommendations for night life. They also helped us get tickets to a show that was said to be sold out for a fraction of the face value! They truly went above and beyond to make sure that we made the most of our stay in NYC!

NYC picture of buildings
A highlight that the hotel doesn’t stress enough is that you are less than a half a block from the Times Square subway station. From the Times Square station, you can catch a subway to almost anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx. However, there are a few cons regarding the hotel, with the biggest one being the price. 

This hotel, like most in Times Square, is extremely expensive and I wouldn’t have been able to afford this without my past guest points. 

The restaurant and bar are also very expensive, even when compared to regular New York City prices. The other con I want to point out is the fitness center was very small for a hotel, so those that need to exercise on their trip (for medical reasons) should be aware of this. 

There also wasn’t a pool for those that look forward to the hotel pool on your vacation. Besides for these cons, I highly recommend staying at the Hilton Times Square on your next trip to New York City!

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Guest Post: Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

This week, GetAHotelRoom asked a few bloggers to guest post and share their travel experiences with us.

About the Author: [Neltje Ann]  ~ The writer of wanted to guest post with us this week and share her vibes on her excursion to the Dominican Republic. Neltje's daily role is all about infusing and instilling her nursing knowledge in others, whilst promoting certified medical training within the healthcare sector, so if you're interested in studying to become a neonatal nurse or want to find out the daily ins and outs of a psychiatric nurse - Maybe can help you learn more?

If you'd like to "guest post" or "write for us" - don't be afraid to land a few comments and engage with our guest bloggers along the way...

Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

Neltje: "So I am sure you are wondering where the Dominican Republic is. It is right next to Haiti, and it is in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean's largest tourist destination; the country's year-round golf courses are among the top attractions. Here are some of my adventures:

I went to the Dominican Republic two summers ago to volunteer with a program called The Dream Project. It's a non-profit organization that runs a summer camp.

When I walked out of the plane, it was just, once again, mind blowing (I use this expression because honestly, words cannot describe what i am feeling right now). there was a little band that was playing bachata music (its really popular in the DR) and people were singing, it was really cool. It was super nerve racking though because as soon as you get off the plane there were people yelling in a different languages and i seriously started sweating buckets the moment I stepped on to the landing strip. I could tell it was going to always be hot in the DR.

All we eat is rice and beans. and you know, i really like it. i mean, we have had some crazy cravings, but I'm  probably never going to eat this food again, so why not? We went to a restaurant two days ago that had this thing called pastellon (which was smashed bananas and cheese and sauce) it was definitely something that was different to an American palette such as mine, but it was still yummy. I've noticed that Dominicans do not use a lot of sugar in their food, which is interesting seeing as they used to harvest a lot of the world's sugar (once upon a time).

I cannot wait to start teaching the little children! its going to be so hard though! We went to la boca (which is a fresh water lake that is connected to the ocean) and this little girl was asking me to teach her to swim (she only spoke spanish) it was really really hard. I have a co-teacher with me, but i got 
totally jiped because she doesn't speak a word of Spanish, so i have to translate for her AND run the lessons, its really going to test my patience.

The Dominican Republic is a place that people do not know much about, but it is a beautiful place."

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Coogarth Holiday Cottage | Martindale | Get a Room in the Lake District

Place of Interest: 

Martindale, Howtown, Ullswater, Penrith, Cumbria.

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Deep within the Lake district 528 ft above sea level sits the most remote, peaceful and unspoiled village of Martindale. You would barely spot in on the OS maps, but Martindale is a truly deep and meaningful place shrouded in onion skins of history.

Martindale is a popular secret spot amongst the walking and hiking community - made known by the summit of 'Hallins Fell' - a mountain you can climb in less than 45 minutes due to the entry ascent on the man 1940's made road.

Prior to entering this village one must drive through a long and windy road adjacent to the impressive Ullswater lake. The further you go down this mysterious road the narrower the track becomes leaving barely enough room for one car to navigate in one sole direction. There are convenient passing places dotted along here - but don't be surprised if you find yourself reversing for a good 500m on the odd occasion.

The Hause:

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COOGARTH, (Coogarth Holiday Cottage - Self Catering)
Martindale, Near Howtown, 
Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2NF

Contact Sophie Locket on:
Telephone: 01883 716776