Thursday, 27 December 2012

A quick shout out to UK travel bloggers

Help!!!! Can anyone recommend a great basic budget but lush hotel stay in the Yorkshire region?

Hi guys, just a quick request for anyone who's been touring the UK hotel scene...
Me and the missus are planning a quick budget hotel stay in the next month or two to belated celebrate our wedding anniversary - yeah we need 'us' time 'off from the kids'!

So we're looking for somewhere in the Yorkshire area of Britain, anything that can tick the hotel stay checklist here would be absolutely perfect!

Budget: £45-75 a night
Hotel Room Facilities: What we need in the room ~
  • Comfy kingsize bed
  • Big Bath
  • Think Walls
  • Not bothered about a view!

Our Requirements for Hotel Facilities:
(In order of importance)

  • Chacuzzi
  • Turkish Bath / Sauna
  • A place to get a bit of pampering treatment like massage / pedicure etc at an extra cost of course
  • A swimming pool would be a plus
Does anybody know of any classy stay aways nearby?

Please leave me a comment if you have any recommended suggestions! I may post about them too!

[Guest Post] Summer Vacations at the Pridwin

Guest post contributed by Kevin Caldwell, a traveler who enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He also built to help travelers find affordable hotels near the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. 

Reading a novel set in a European 1920s summer takes you to wonderful places. You can practically see the lovely water, taste the exquisite cuisine and feel the bubbly champagne rolling down your throat. Unfortunately, traveling to Europe is quite expensive, especially during the more popular travel months of the year. However, you can remedy this problem by visiting the Pridwin located on Shelter Island, out east on Long Island.

Back In Time

Upon driving up to this beauty, you'll immediately be transported back into time with modern amenities of course. The lobby looks nothing like the stark, cold lobbies so many hotels have. Instead, it is delicately adorned in soft blue and white shades really bringing you back to a different era. Shortly upon entering the Pridwin, you'll realize that many of the employees are from Europe. Once again, the scene is set for that perfect vacation. The Pridwin has three separate floors. Please be advised that no elevator exists in this hotel, so please ask about special accommodations if one of your guests is unable to tackle the stairs.
The rooms are not overly large, but they are clean, comfortable and well-kept. The size of the rooms really does not matter though as you won't be spending much time in it at all. The pool is open from the morning until the early evening hours, and lunch is served for a couple of hours. You're also able to order drinks from the bar, and the servers will run them out to you. Take a dip in the pool and then get a tan as you enjoy a pina colada or margarita. Going for a swim is not a necessity at all, and many guests simply sit poolside watching others splash around as they themselves enjoy an excellent novel and a cold refreshing beverage.
What else is there to do but sit at the pool all day? Well, the Pridwin is located right on the beach. The beach is small and private, so you need not worry about lugging supplies all over the beach. Although many people do stay at this hotel, it's not overly large so you aren't fighting for space on the beach. You also have the option to go kayaking or paddleboarding. The attendants are stationed on the beach to help you with the equipment and to show you how to use it properly and in a safe manner.

Food That Cannot Be Beat

Meals at the Pridwin simply cannot be beat. The breakfast buffet includes both hot and cold items, and a special usually exists. One of the favorites is a "make-your-own parfait" station, at which you can put on whatever toppings that you want. If you choose not to have lunch at the pool, you can eat in the restaurant. Both indoor and outdoor dining options exist, with most of the guests choosing the latter. Dinner is simply exquisite and finer food will likely never enter into your mouth. Specials vary by day, but you can be sure to always find something delectable on the menu.
A beautiful bar sits just inside the doors leading to the outdoor dining area. Sit at the bar itself, or relax on one of the comfortable couches. If wine is your specialty, the Long Island Wine Country is not too far away. You'll need to take a quick ferry ride over to Greenport or the Hamptons, depending on which wineries you would like to visit. Greenport and the Hamptons are both very nice areas to walk through during one of your days of the stay. You might choose to dine in one of these places as well.
For whom is the Pridwin suitable? The answer is pretty much everyone. Many families go there, and their children enjoy days spent splashing in the pool and playing at the beach. You'll also see a number of couples ranging in age. Not too many young couples frequent this establishment. Although it is much less expensive than a vacation to Europe, the price is still on the higher end. For those who are able to afford a vacation to the Pridwin, it is truly an enjoyable experience.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

[Guest Content] Brits and Their Holidays - InfoGraphic

[Guest Content] Thanks to Amber for emailing me this guest content today! 

Interested in contributing your holiday knowledge and experience to this blog? Get in touch!

This infographic has been created for Voyager using information from several sources, including Direct Travel Insurance, the Office for National Statistics, The Telegraph the Association of British Insurers. This infographic in particular depicts key stats and information on British holiday goers, including some facts about staycations, most visited countries and trip costs.

Infographic created for - Shows stats about Britains holiday makers
Brits and Their Holidays

55.7 MILLION Holidays Booked in 2011 by  People from the UK!