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[Bookmark Link] Helpful information about hotels in the Harrogate District

The floral Spa town of Harrogate twinned with Bagnères-de-LuchonHarrogateTennessee and WellingtonNew Zealand is home to a fair degree of hotels, B&B's and restaurants. Harrogate thrives on its tourist trade and always has because of the history associated with its healing spa water. You can find travel accommodation for all your means, but here's the a run down of the few have left an imprint on a local resident.

The Crown Hotel - The Crown is situated adjacent to the stray going down Montpellier hill.
This is the ideal hotel stay for luxury wedding dos due to the large function rooms that are available - as is the 4 star hotel The Majestic on Ripon road.

The Travelodge is situated outside Monty's and as such suits locals as a cheap stay for the few late night drunken escapades that may occur between Monty's and Viper rooms.

I have included this following bookmark all about hotels in Harrogate to act as a helpful guide of everything you may need to know about staying in the Harrogate area.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Live life, love London.

I must confess from the outset that I have always loved London. Having grown up in ‘the gritty North’, the bright lights of London have always looked incredibly attractive. Nowadays, I regularly visit, and I still love it just as much! For me, London has everything going for it. It really does show the very best of British!
Nobody can doubt London’s credentials as the UK’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan city. 

With over 8 million inhabitants, it has an incredible energy that lasts 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Even better still, each borough of London has a unique vibe which means you can find the ideal area for you. Whether you love a night on the tiles, or just a quiet night sat in the park, London has a place where you will feel right at home. For a list of London boroughs, their profile and their location, please click here.

There are a number of reasons to visit London, and it doesn't necessarily have to be for sheer pleasure. London's bright and bustling business district is a wonder to behold in full flow. If you ever get the chance to visit with work then grasp it with both hands! The energy really is something to behold. As well as this, London also contains a number of museums and galleries where you can see many of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors. For ideas, prices and opening times of London galleries and museums please click here.

In tandem with this, London’s tube and overground transport systems make the city extremely accessible. Due to this, you can see almost all areas of the city in a single day. However, to fully enjoy all the wonders that London has to offer, it is best to stay over for at least a couple of nights. In doing this, you can also take in a show and see both sides of this extraordinary city. London definitely changes when the sun goes down- don’t miss out!

For me, London is all about fashion and style. Due to this, the only way to stay is in a chic boutique apartment such as the ones offered by One Mayfair Apartments. Situated in the heart of London, they remain surprisingly peaceful and calm despite being only a few minutes from Oxford Street. Here, luxury meets simplicity and affordability, meaning that you can enjoy London while relaxing in style.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Quintessentially Traditional British Holiday

Tight Wallet Little Britain

If you’re on a tight budget, a holiday abroad isn’t always an option. Instead, more and more people are choosing to holiday at home in the UK. If you’re not from the UK already, it’s a refreshing change to step away from the bright lights of big tourist cities like London and take a trip into the countryside to experience a quainter, more relaxed side of British life.

UK Holidays Summertime

If you’re considering a UK holiday, then it’s definitely best to plan one for the summer time when you might be lucky enough to catch a bit of sunshine (although it’s never guaranteed). Autumn is also a lovely time to visit the British countryside, as there’s plenty of long, picturesque walks that are even lovelier once the landscape is filled with burnt orange hues.

The Lakes Have More!

The Lake District, Wales, Yorkshire and Scotland are full of spectacular scenery and are all popular ‘staycation’ destinations for Brits. If you fancy being by the sea, then you should definitely head to Devon or Cornwall. All have plenty of country pubs, picturesque villages and scenic views, but if you’re still not sure where you’d like to go, do a bit of research, starting with this article listing five of the best UK holiday locations.


If you decide to holiday inland, you could opt to stay in an upmarket country house hotel if a little luxury is what you’re after, but there are plenty of other options. If you’re a fuss free walker just after somewhere to kip for the night, then there are cheap hostels scattered all over the countryside which are always popular with walkers, so you’re bound to meet some like-minded people on your travels.

You know you love it!

Renting a house is an option that many may not consider, but if you’re a family or even a couple, then there’s something for everyone. Many houses for rent are even dog-friendly, meaning your furry friend won’t have to be put away in kennels whilst you go enjoy yourself. Plus, dogs make great companions on long, country walks so bring them along with you! You can find plenty of lovely, dog-friendly houses to rent in the West Country on the Helpful Holidays website.

London Baby!!!!

So, if you’re from the UK, save yourself some cash this year and take the time to appreciate what your own landscape has to offer. If you’re coming from overseas, then consider the countryside before heading straight for London!

Europe’s Most Relaxing Retreats

Silver Island Yoga Retreat, Greece.

With a deep-rooted family history that saw the island fall into disrepair when the owners grew old, Silver Island has a heritage that will sound all too familiar for anyone who’s seen Mamma Mia. Comparisons aside, it’s all just coincidence, and the island has been picked back up and resurrected as a private yoga retreat. Guests enjoy a home-made muesli and Greek yoghurt breakfast sourced from the island’s produce, before a yoga class and free time to stroll along the beach or take a kayak trip around the island. You’ll share the entire island with a maximum of 11 other people and stay in a modern, minimalist bedroom, making it one of the most relaxing retreats in the whole of Europe.

Lake Orta, Italy

Less well-known and therefore more peaceful than its neighbouring waters Garda and Como, Lake Orta is just west of Maggiore and is an atmospheric haven. Small, non-hectic and beautiful, Orta makes the ideal holiday destination for anyone wanting to relax whilst surrounded by stunning scenery. It’s fairly remote, with there being just one main town nearby, but there are also excursions to a romantic island set in the centre of the lake and to the ‘holy hill’, which is home to many Baroque chapels.

South West England

Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset all lie in South West England, boasting some of the best countryside spots in the UK. Renting a country cottage or log cabin is the perfect retreat for a busy family looking for some down time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The homes on offer at offer a retreat complete with barbeque and outdoor hot tub on the plot of an old country farm, so it’s perfect for those who want to unwind as a family.

Anti Paxos, Greece

So small it doesn’t even have an airport, the tiny island of Anti Paxos has a population that fluctuates between just 30 – 100 people. A few small, stunning beaches are surrounded by vineyards and flowers, with just one tiny village and a few taverns to visit. Most visitors leave with the last taxi boat at 5.30pm, as hotels are pretty much non-existent on Anti Paxos, but it’s well worth a visit for a relaxing beach day if you ever have the chance. For more information on this tiny island, visit

Monday, 14 January 2013

[Guest Post] Enjoying the Charm of Chilly Winter London

London, the UK’s cosmopolitan capital, is a vibrant and modern city which also holds thousands of years of history. This “global city” is an international hotspot for culture, music, fashion, politics, finance and trade and you can feel the buzz of its importance as you walk down its busy streets. There is so much to see and do in this enormous metropolis, from world class restaurants to medieval castles to Westminster Abbey to Big Ben, the London Eye and the West End Theatre District. There is truly something in London for everyone.
Most tourists visit London during the summer months, as they seek the sunny summer days and pleasant temperatures. In the wintertime, England is wet, dreary, cold and often rainy. However, winter can be a great time to visit London for a number of reasons. First of all, due to the low demand the cost of your travel expenses will be a lot cheaper and there will be much fewer crowds. Also, this city has a certain misty, brooding charm in the wintertime and there are still plenty of great things to do.

What to Do in London in the Winter

Here are just a few of the great experiences that you can have when visiting London in the wintertime:

  • Go ice skating on the moat of Tower Hill or at Somerset House. There are also plenty of temporary ice rinks which pop up during the winter around London. 
  • London’s museums are some of the best in the world, such as the National Museum, the Tate London and many more. Best of all, many of the museums are free. 
  • Get out of the rain and see the sharks and fish at the London Sea Life Aquarium or the interactive exhibits at the Science Museum. 
  • To warm yourself up, sample a sumptuous cup of hot chocolate from Notting Hill chocolatiers. 
Book Your Travel to London With A Travel Agent

When you are planning your winter getaway and booking flights from Hong Kong to London, be sure to book your trip through experienced travel agents in Hong Kong. Not only will your travel agent be able to help you save money on your travels by finding the best deals on hotels, flights and accommodation, they will also be able to set up your idea trip by arranging those amazing travel experiences that it is difficult to find when booking on your own.
Also, when you book your flights via Flight Centre, you are guaranteed to get the cheapest flights to London thanks to the “Lowest Price Guarantee”. If you see a cheaper flight offered anywhere else, you can simply bring it to your Flight Centre travel agent and they will be able to beat the price by $10 as well as offer you a $100 gift voucher for future travel.
This savings will mean that you have more of your travel budget left over for spending on a warm Shepherd’s Pie and a pint of lager in a cosy pub after exploring London on a chilly winter day.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

A quick shout out to UK travel bloggers

Help!!!! Can anyone recommend a great basic budget but lush hotel stay in the Yorkshire region?

Hi guys, just a quick request for anyone who's been touring the UK hotel scene...
Me and the missus are planning a quick budget hotel stay in the next month or two to belated celebrate our wedding anniversary - yeah we need 'us' time 'off from the kids'!

So we're looking for somewhere in the Yorkshire area of Britain, anything that can tick the hotel stay checklist here would be absolutely perfect!

Budget: £45-75 a night
Hotel Room Facilities: What we need in the room ~
  • Comfy kingsize bed
  • Big Bath
  • Think Walls
  • Not bothered about a view!

Our Requirements for Hotel Facilities:
(In order of importance)

  • Chacuzzi
  • Turkish Bath / Sauna
  • A place to get a bit of pampering treatment like massage / pedicure etc at an extra cost of course
  • A swimming pool would be a plus
Does anybody know of any classy stay aways nearby?

Please leave me a comment if you have any recommended suggestions! I may post about them too!

[Guest Post] Summer Vacations at the Pridwin

Guest post contributed by Kevin Caldwell, a traveler who enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He also built to help travelers find affordable hotels near the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. 

Reading a novel set in a European 1920s summer takes you to wonderful places. You can practically see the lovely water, taste the exquisite cuisine and feel the bubbly champagne rolling down your throat. Unfortunately, traveling to Europe is quite expensive, especially during the more popular travel months of the year. However, you can remedy this problem by visiting the Pridwin located on Shelter Island, out east on Long Island.

Back In Time

Upon driving up to this beauty, you'll immediately be transported back into time with modern amenities of course. The lobby looks nothing like the stark, cold lobbies so many hotels have. Instead, it is delicately adorned in soft blue and white shades really bringing you back to a different era. Shortly upon entering the Pridwin, you'll realize that many of the employees are from Europe. Once again, the scene is set for that perfect vacation. The Pridwin has three separate floors. Please be advised that no elevator exists in this hotel, so please ask about special accommodations if one of your guests is unable to tackle the stairs.
The rooms are not overly large, but they are clean, comfortable and well-kept. The size of the rooms really does not matter though as you won't be spending much time in it at all. The pool is open from the morning until the early evening hours, and lunch is served for a couple of hours. You're also able to order drinks from the bar, and the servers will run them out to you. Take a dip in the pool and then get a tan as you enjoy a pina colada or margarita. Going for a swim is not a necessity at all, and many guests simply sit poolside watching others splash around as they themselves enjoy an excellent novel and a cold refreshing beverage.
What else is there to do but sit at the pool all day? Well, the Pridwin is located right on the beach. The beach is small and private, so you need not worry about lugging supplies all over the beach. Although many people do stay at this hotel, it's not overly large so you aren't fighting for space on the beach. You also have the option to go kayaking or paddleboarding. The attendants are stationed on the beach to help you with the equipment and to show you how to use it properly and in a safe manner.

Food That Cannot Be Beat

Meals at the Pridwin simply cannot be beat. The breakfast buffet includes both hot and cold items, and a special usually exists. One of the favorites is a "make-your-own parfait" station, at which you can put on whatever toppings that you want. If you choose not to have lunch at the pool, you can eat in the restaurant. Both indoor and outdoor dining options exist, with most of the guests choosing the latter. Dinner is simply exquisite and finer food will likely never enter into your mouth. Specials vary by day, but you can be sure to always find something delectable on the menu.
A beautiful bar sits just inside the doors leading to the outdoor dining area. Sit at the bar itself, or relax on one of the comfortable couches. If wine is your specialty, the Long Island Wine Country is not too far away. You'll need to take a quick ferry ride over to Greenport or the Hamptons, depending on which wineries you would like to visit. Greenport and the Hamptons are both very nice areas to walk through during one of your days of the stay. You might choose to dine in one of these places as well.
For whom is the Pridwin suitable? The answer is pretty much everyone. Many families go there, and their children enjoy days spent splashing in the pool and playing at the beach. You'll also see a number of couples ranging in age. Not too many young couples frequent this establishment. Although it is much less expensive than a vacation to Europe, the price is still on the higher end. For those who are able to afford a vacation to the Pridwin, it is truly an enjoyable experience.