Friday, 9 August 2013

[Bookmark Link] Helpful information about hotels in the Harrogate District

The floral Spa town of Harrogate twinned with Bagnères-de-LuchonHarrogateTennessee and WellingtonNew Zealand is home to a fair degree of hotels, B&B's and restaurants. Harrogate thrives on its tourist trade and always has because of the history associated with its healing spa water. You can find travel accommodation for all your means, but here's the a run down of the few have left an imprint on a local resident.

The Crown Hotel - The Crown is situated adjacent to the stray going down Montpellier hill.
This is the ideal hotel stay for luxury wedding dos due to the large function rooms that are available - as is the 4 star hotel The Majestic on Ripon road.

The Travelodge is situated outside Monty's and as such suits locals as a cheap stay for the few late night drunken escapades that may occur between Monty's and Viper rooms.

I have included this following bookmark all about hotels in Harrogate to act as a helpful guide of everything you may need to know about staying in the Harrogate area.


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