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Guest Post: Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

This week, GetAHotelRoom asked a few bloggers to guest post and share their travel experiences with us.

About the Author: [Neltje Ann]  ~ The writer of wanted to guest post with us this week and share her vibes on her excursion to the Dominican Republic. Neltje's daily role is all about infusing and instilling her nursing knowledge in others, whilst promoting certified medical training within the healthcare sector, so if you're interested in studying to become a neonatal nurse or want to find out the daily ins and outs of a psychiatric nurse - Maybe can help you learn more?

If you'd like to "guest post" or "write for us" - don't be afraid to land a few comments and engage with our guest bloggers along the way...

Neltje & Dominican Republic's Dream Project

Neltje: "So I am sure you are wondering where the Dominican Republic is. It is right next to Haiti, and it is in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has become the Caribbean's largest tourist destination; the country's year-round golf courses are among the top attractions. Here are some of my adventures:

I went to the Dominican Republic two summers ago to volunteer with a program called The Dream Project. It's a non-profit organization that runs a summer camp.

When I walked out of the plane, it was just, once again, mind blowing (I use this expression because honestly, words cannot describe what i am feeling right now). there was a little band that was playing bachata music (its really popular in the DR) and people were singing, it was really cool. It was super nerve racking though because as soon as you get off the plane there were people yelling in a different languages and i seriously started sweating buckets the moment I stepped on to the landing strip. I could tell it was going to always be hot in the DR.

All we eat is rice and beans. and you know, i really like it. i mean, we have had some crazy cravings, but I'm  probably never going to eat this food again, so why not? We went to a restaurant two days ago that had this thing called pastellon (which was smashed bananas and cheese and sauce) it was definitely something that was different to an American palette such as mine, but it was still yummy. I've noticed that Dominicans do not use a lot of sugar in their food, which is interesting seeing as they used to harvest a lot of the world's sugar (once upon a time).

I cannot wait to start teaching the little children! its going to be so hard though! We went to la boca (which is a fresh water lake that is connected to the ocean) and this little girl was asking me to teach her to swim (she only spoke spanish) it was really really hard. I have a co-teacher with me, but i got 
totally jiped because she doesn't speak a word of Spanish, so i have to translate for her AND run the lessons, its really going to test my patience.

The Dominican Republic is a place that people do not know much about, but it is a beautiful place."

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