Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A perfect group sporty holiday in the sun

Guest post by Laela – member of

Laela: "I am a Belgian woman working and living in London and I am a member of Hooleytime, which organises Group Holidays, Adventures and Events. I find it a great way to meet new people and join organised group events and holidays. 

Last year I went on a Villa & Watersports Holiday to Greece with 15 other Hooleytimers and had a brilliant time – I’m booked into the next one this June and am counting down the days with the miserable British Spring that seems to be passing us by!
Although I only knew a few of the members on the holiday, it is such a chilled out and welcoming group that I immediately felt very much at home. The place was amazing with such wonderful weather, breath-taking landscapes and the clear-blue ocean. We had plenty of choice in our activities: tennis, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, group fitness sessions, beach-volleyball – not much time for sunbathing, although I did manage a few rose fuelled long lunches with the gang at the Club!

Hooleytime had rented a gorgeous villa a short walk from the Club and also some rooms in a local B&B, for those members who wanted some ‘me’ time and who didn’t always want to be in the thick of it.

We spent most of the days at the Beach and Watersports club and split the evenings between BBQ’s at the villa, parties at the club and local restaurants. There were other groups of professionals in other villas, whom we partied with in the evenings and competed against sailing – but the best thing of the holiday was to be part of such a lovely group but also to be able to nip off and read a book, have a nap in the shade or go for a windsurf or sail without anyone minding.

I find that in my early 30s – my options are limited with potential holiday ‘partners in crime’ - the old holiday groups have diminished with less of us without family ties and with the income to go on such a holiday, so Hooleytime is the perfect solution for me!"


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  2. Cheers for the phuket plug - maybe one day I'll fing my oasis in Thailand