Monday, 27 August 2012

What Takes Your Accommodation Fancy? From Tents to Castles…

Once you’ve decided where to go and what to do on your summer holiday, the next choice to make is where you’re going to stay. Fortunately, you’re not short of options these days, with places out there to suit all budgets and requirements. Here we’ve summed up some of the most interesting and obscure holiday accommodation available for you to choose from on your hols, from bargain basement to luxurious magnificence…

The unassuming campervan is an excellent option for people on a budget who plan on travelling around a lot. It is often the choice for backpackers when moving around, particularly when doing farm work in Australia and then moving around to other destinations.

Bedouin Tent
Venture out on a trip into the Sahara Desert in Morocco and you will find your accommodation will most likely be a large Bedouin tent, with plenty of space in the camel car park alongside! Whilst not the most luxurious of places, it’s certainly a step above the usual British image of a tent on a campsite! 

Bed and Breakfasts
The archetypal accommodation choice in the UK, bed and breakfasts continue to draw in travellers around the country. Offering a huge range in themselves (you can find luxury B&Bs with all the trimmings all the way down to people’s spare room) B&Bs can cater to any need. If you’re holidaying in the UK, there’s no doubt a B&B will be on your radar when looking for somewhere to stay, whether you’re looking for a cheap bed and breakfast in Scarborough or boutique B and B in Weymouth. 

Boutique Hotel
If you’re feeling a little flusher when you go on your holidays, you might consider a more unique type of hotel which offers unique quirky features in addition to your usual fare at everyday hotels. Boutique hotels are a great way to stay somewhere individual whilst still getting all the fantastic service you’d expect from a top end hotel.

Water Villas
For those at the top end of the social scale, luxury water villas are the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday soaking up the sun. These stunning bungalows which sit on stilts above beautiful blue waters really are the epitome of luxury and, for those that can afford it, there’s nowhere better to spend a holiday.