Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why a UK Break Beats Going Abroad

With so much excitement around the Olympics this summer, there’s no better time to be exploring the UK and sampling the fantastic places to see and things to do. Olympic fever put the spotlight of the world on the UK and everyone rose to the challenge, with events, celebrations and parties happening up and down the country. So when better to explore your homeland then when it is reaching for the stars to impress the world?

Here’s why you should be staying at home this summer:

Fantastic Destinations

The UK is packed full of fantastic places. From the cosmopolitan capital of London, to rural magnificence in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, from historic cities like York to gorgeous beaches in Cornwall, the UK has the lot. Outside of England, Wales boasts the stunning Snowdonia National Park and glorious north coast to explore. With luxury self catering in North Wales easy to come by, it’s a perfect place to mix the outdoors with some creature comforts! Venture up to Scotland and you’ll find more stunning cities in Edinburgh and Glasgow which will provide enough entertainment themselves. Keep heading north though and you’ll find some of the world’s greatest coastline which will take your breath away. Just pray for some sunshine…

Stunning Accommodation

The UK is packed with beautiful accommodation which spreads from budget B&Bs to luxury group accommodation in holiday homes up and down the country. Wherever you are visiting, whatever your budget constraints, you will be able to find somewhere quintessentially English to enjoy your stay. Hanging out with local B&B owners and learning about the area might be your idea of a fantastic domicile, though you might prefer a luxury stay in one of London’s most elite hotels. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here on UK shores.

Wonderful Tours

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to walk down the road and not know where they’re heading, then a tour might be a better idea for you. And fear not, there are plenty of fantastic tour operators in the UK who can take you around every conceivable destination in exactly the way you want to go. They will tell you everything you need to know about everything you want to see and all the history behind it. Us Brits are pretty keen on stuff like that you see… If that’s not good enough reason to drop everything and start exploring the UK now then I don’t know what is. Stop worrying about the good old British weather and pack everything you need to cope with any eventuality. No weather should be bad enough it stops you seeing all this country’s got to offer. And, if you’re lucky, the sun might just shine and you’ll find yourself on the west coast of Scotland thinking you must be in the Caribbean!

This is a guest post from Tom at Top Backpacking Destinations


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